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GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants

GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants

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Discover what our customers have to say before we unveil our amazing product!

Maisy Mccarthy, USA

The GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants definitely holds you in all the right places! The pants are amazing for what they are supposed to do. IT STAYS IN PLACE! I'm not willing to give up comfort when all I need is a little smoothing on my sides. So I’m glad that this product manages to provide both smoothing compression and SUPERIOR COMFORT. I looked great in my dresses as this body shaper really does some serious tucking in without the suffocating feeling that I get from similar undergarments. If you want a high-waisted undergarment that really holds your bulges in without losing stretch and while remaining breathable and comfortable, this is it!

Jodie Wilkinson, AU

GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants is a really comfortable shapewear – probably the best I’ve used! I was worried at first, but the quality is extremely good. I am almost three months postpartum from a C-section, and I didn't want something that was uncomfortably tight as I was healing. So, I decided to go for this one. It has been great for when I'm out and about on longer days. It just gives my body a bit of extra support. It’s a bit snug on my booty, which I really like as it gives a little bit of that lifting action and prevents my buttocks from looking saggy. The waist/torso part also fits great. And, shockingly it stays put. Overall, this is an excellent purchase!

Isobel Wood, UK

I love the GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants because it doesn't flatten my butt but still hold my stomach in. I also love the fit! It smooths out the hip dips and tummy without making my butt look weird like similar products do. It’s comfortable and looks great with jeans. The detailing is also really simple and functional! One thing to note is that it does go pretty high up on the torso. Mine stopped about an inch or so from the base of my boobs, but I’m fine with this since the fabric is so light and comfortable and doesn’t make me a sweaty mess.


Dr. Kayleigh Moss, a board-certified physician, on the negative effects of traditional steel-boned corsets on the body

We’re constantly searching for easy and effective ways to achieve that coveted hourglass shape. However, some products and methods, like wearing a traditional steel corset, can actually do more harm than good when used improperly.

Traditional steel-boned corsets have been used for centuries to create a smaller waistline and enhance the feminine figure. If you’re planning to use it for aesthetic purposes and not for medical reasons, proceed with caution as there are numerous downsides to wearing corsets.

Potential negative effects include reduced lung capacity, restricted movement, and back pain. Additionally, a steel-boned corset regularly worn as a waist trainer or body sculpting quick-fix can cause damage to the organs and muscles surrounding the waistline.

Fortunately, there are safer alternatives to traditional corsets for achieving a more sculpted silhouette. High-waisted undergarments made from stretchy materials can provide a similar effect without putting undue stress on the body. These types of undergarment are designed to provide support, smooth out the figure, and enhance curves without compromising the wearer's comfort and health.



Mold and shape your natural figure with the GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants! This pair of high-waisted underpants offers a perfect balance of body sculpting compression, snug fit, and breathable comfort, enhancing your hourglass figure with no constriction!

Product Features:

  • Immediate body sculpting effect

The GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants features a uniform strong pressure that provides an instant body sculpting effect, creating a smoother silhouette with just the right amount of compression. This high-waisted tummy control shaper sucks you in underneath, reducing the appearance of excess fat, bumps, and bulges without making you feel as if you can’t breathe. No matter your body type or size, the flexible, stretchy material will feel like a second skin and tuck everything in the right areas without the suffocating tightness.

  • Made from breathable, summer-friendly material

Our high-waisted underpants are made from ice silk fabric that’s lightweight and breathable. The ultra-soft, moisture-wicking fabric material is designed to regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and comfortable when the weather is warm or even during extended periods of wear. The material is also designed to allow air to pass through the fabric, so you don’t have to worry about feeling sticky or sweating underneath the garment.

  • Perfect body-shaping undergarment for all occasions

Whether you feel like dressing up or dressing down, you can never go wrong with the GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants. This amazing body shaper offers versatility when it comes to outfits without adding extra bulk. You can wear it comfortably and discreetly underneath anything in your closet – from form-fitting tops and shirts to tight jeans, skirts, and even high-slit dresses! Its tummy control feature helps to smooth out the midsection, creating a more flattering and streamlined silhouette that will make you feel more confident on a regular day or special occasion.

  • High-waisted, tummy-to-hip compression

Our GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants provides an omnidirectional tummy-to-hip coverage, offering compression from all sides – around the midsection and your buttocks. Its high-waisted design targets the stomach area, waist, and hips, smoothing out the overall figure while giving your natural curves a lift. Each time you wear this garment underneath, it really conforms and holds every excess flab and belly pooch in with no spillage.

  • Simple & comfortable design for untraceable support

Pair this body-sculpting underwear with any of your clothing, and no one will even notice that you’re wearing one underneath, thanks to its simple yet functional design. This ice silk lifting pants provide discreet tummy control and smoothing support without visible panty lines or bunching. And no need for fussy zippers and clasps as it has a short steel frame in front to help prevent the undergarment from slipping or rolling down. This high-waisted lifting pants will stay in place, contour the sides, and hold the tummy in without squeezing, tugging, or chafing, giving you the ultimate wearing comfort.

  • Antibacterial feature keeps you healthy down there

While having a smoother silhouette looks great, especially if you’re wearing body-fitting outfits, hygiene should still be a top priority. Good thing you don't have to compromise both with our GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants! This product is made from fabric with moisture-wicking ability and antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, ensuring that you stay fresh, dry and clean down there with every wear.

Package includes:

  • 1 x GodDess™ High Waist Ice Silk Lifting Pants


  • 4size: M(40kg-52kg), L(52kg-62kg), XL(62kg-75kg), XXL(75kg-87kg)



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